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Propagenix is an R&D-stage cell therapy company engaged in the development and commercialization of technology which initially originated from the laboratory of Dr. Richard Schlegel of Georgetown University. The company was founded in 2014 and is located in the I-270 corridor of Montgomery County, Maryland. The company is dedicated to continuing to develop Propagenix technology for a wide range of applications in basic and translational biomedical research. Our vision is to enable the creation of new and more effective drugs, personalized diagnostics and cell therapies that will enhance human healthcare. The team has created a culture that places high value and thrives on scientific excellence, innovation, open and honest communication, a collaborative attitude, and a fast-paced work environment.


Brian A. Pollok, Ph.D. Co-Founder, President and CEO

Dr. Pollok has 30 years of career experience in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology sector. Past positions include serving as President of ATCC, CSO of Life Technologies, SVP and co-founder of Ansata Therapeutics, VP of Discovery Biology at Aurora Biosciences/Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Sr. Research Investigator at Pfizer Central Research, and as Assistant Professor of Immunology at Wake Forest University. He also currently serves as a board director to Virginia BIO and UVA's Licensing & Ventures Group, and is a member of Cure SMA's Translational Research Advisory Council.

Sharon S. Challberg Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Challberg brings a deep background in the life science industry, having served in multiple roles including product development, transfer and commercialization, regulatory affairs and business development in both large company and entrepreneurial settings. As Director of R&D at Life Technologies, Dr. Challberg led the team that developed ViraPap, the first molecular diagnostic test to receive FDA clearance. In her role as Vice President of R&D at Digene Corporation, she led the development of the next generation Hybrid Capture technology that formed the foundation for the Company's growth engine in molecular diagnostics for multiple infectious disease targets. Dr. Challberg subsequently founded and served as CEO of Marligen Biosciences and General Manager of ATCC Cell Systems prior to joining Propagenix.

Sharon S. Challberg, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
C. Richard Schlegel, M.D., Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chair, Scientific Advisory Council

Dr. Schlegel is the Oscar B. Hunter Chair and Professor of Pathology at Georgetown University. Dr.Schlegel's laboratory developed the technology for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, for which the dominant patent was awarded by the U.S. Patent Office in 2005. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the HPV vaccine for use in June 2006. Together with Dr. Xuefeng Liu at Georgetown, Dr. Schlegel developed Conditionally Reprogrammed Cell (CRC) technology, publishing multiple papers on the basic science of the discovery as well as on several application relevant to cancer diagnostics and in vitro tissue model.

Scientific Advisory Council

  • Dr. C. Richard Schlegel Georgetown University (chair)
  • Dr. Laura Niklason Yale University
  • Dr. Lori Sussel University of Colorado Medical Center

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Propagenix 9605 Medical Center Drive, Rockville MD 20850
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