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Rapid Expansion of Human Epithelial Stem Cells Suitable for Airway Tissue Engineering

Butler CR, Hynds RE, Gowers KHC, Lee DDH, Brown JM, Crowley C,Teixeira VH, Smith CM, Urbani L, Hamilton NJ, Thakrar RM, Booth HL, Birchall MA, De Coppi P, Giangreco A, O’Callaghan C, Janes SM

(2016) Am J Respir Crit Care Med. [Epub]. PMID: 26840431

Airway Progenitor Clone Formation is Enhanced by Y-27632-dependent Changes in the Transcriptome

Reynolds SD, Rios C, Wesolowska-Andersen A, Zhuang Y, Pinter M, Happoldt C, Hill CL, Lallier SW,Cosgrove GP, Solomon GM, Nichols DP, Seibold MA

(2016) Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. [ePub]. PMID: 27144410

Pseudo-immortalization of postnatal cochlear progenitor cells yields a scalable cell line capable of transcriptionally regulating mature hair cell genes

Walters BJ, Diao S, Zheng F, Walters BJ, Layman WS, Zuo J

(2015) Nature Sci Rep. 2015 5:17792-17804. PMID: 26639154

CRISPR-Cas9-mediated Gene Knockout in Primary Human Airway Epithelial Cells Reveals a Proinflammatory Role for MUC18.

Chu HW, Rios C, Huang C, Wesolowska-Andersen A, Burchard EG, O'Connor BP, Fingerlin TE, Nichols D, Reynolds SD, Seibold MA

(2015) Gene Therapy 22(10):822-829. PMID: 26043872

An ecosystem of cancer cell line factories to support a cancer dependency map

Boehm JS, Golub TR

(2015) Nat Rev Genet 16: 373-374. PMID: 26077369

Patient-derived models of acquired resistance can identify effective drug combinations for cancer

Crystal AS, Shaw AT, Sequist LV, Friboulet L, Niederst MJ, Lockerman EL, Frias RL, Gainor JF, Amzallag A, Greninger P, Lee D, Kalsy A, Gomez-Caraballo M, Elamine L, Howe E, Hur W, Lifshits E, Robinson HE, Katayama R, Faber AC, Awad MM, Ramaswamy S, Mino-Kenudson M, Iafrate AJ, Benes CH, Engelman JA

(2014) Science 346(6216):1480-1486. PMID: 25394791

Conditionally reprogrammed normal and transformed mouse mammary epithelial cells display a progenitor-cell-like phenotype

Saenz FR, Ory V, AIOtaiby M, Rosenfield S, Furlong M, Cavalli LR, Johnson MD, Liu X, Schlegel R, Wellstein A, Riegel AT

PLoS ONE 9(5):e97666. PMID: 24831228

Breaking the in vitro alveolar type II cell proliferation barrier while retaining ion transport properties

Bove PF, Dang H, Cheluvaraju C, Jones LC, Liu X, O’Neal WK, Randell SH, Schlegel R, Boucher RC

(2014) Am J Resp Cell Mol 50(4):767-776. PMID: 24191670

Radiation induces diffusible feeder cell factor(s) that cooperate with ROCK inhibitor to conditionally reprogram and immortalize epithelial cells

Palechor-Ceron N, Suprynowicz FA, Upadhyay G, Dakic A, Minas T, Simic V, Johnson M, Albanese C, Schlegel R, Liu X

(2013) Am J Pathol 183(6): 1862-1870. PMID: 24096078

Conditionally reprogrammed cells represent a stem-like state of adult epithelial cells

Suprynowicz FA, Upadhyay G, Krawczyk E, Kramer SC, Hebert JD, Liu X, Yuan H, Cheluvaraju C, Clapp PW, Boucher RC Jr, Kamonjoh CM, Randell SH, Schlegel R

(2012) P Natl Acad Sci USA 109(49):20035-20040. PMID: 23169653

Use of reprogrammed cells to identify therapy for respiratory papillomatosis

Yuan H, Myers S, Wang J, Zhou D, Woo JA, Kallakury B, Ju A, Bazylewicz M, Carter YM, Albanese C, Grant N, Shad A, Dritschilo A, Liu X, Schlegel R

(2012) New Engl J Med 367(13):1220-1227. PMID: 23013073

ROCK inhibitor and feeder cells induce the conditional reprogramming of epithelial cells.

Ory V, Chapman S, Yuan H, Albanese C, Kallakury B, Timofeeva OA, Nealon C, Dakic A, Simic V, Haddad BR, Rhim JS, Dritschilo A, Riegel A, McBride A, Schlegel R

(2012) Am J Pathol 180(2):599-607. PMID: 22189618

Making every cell like HeLa a giant step for cell culture

Aggaral S, Rimm DL

(2011) Am J Patho 180(2):443-445. PMID: 22192626

Developing in vitro models of human ductal carcinoma in situ from primary tissue explants

Brown DD, Dabbs DJ, Lee AV, McGuire KP, Ahrendt GM, Bhargava R, Davidson NE, Brufsky AM, Johnson RR, Oesterreich S, McAuliffe PF

(2015) Breast Cancer Res Treat 153(2):311-21. PMID: 26283301

Primary cancer cell culture: mammary-optimized vs conditional reprogramming

Alamri AM, Kang K, Groeneveld S, Wang W, Zhong X, Kallakury B, Hennighausen L, Liu X, Furth PA

(2016) Endocr Relat Cancer 23(7):535-54. PMID: 27267121

Screening of Conditionally Reprogrammed Patient-Derived Carcinoma Cells Identifies ERCC3-MYC Interactions as a Target in Pancreatic Cancer

Beglyarova N, Banina E, Zhou Y, Mukhamadeeva R, Andrianov G, Bobrov E, Lysenko E, Skobeleva N, Gabitova L, Restifo D, Pressman M, Serebriiskii IG, Hoffman JP, Paz K, Behrens D, Khazak V, Jablonski SA, Golemis EA, Weiner LM, Astsaturov I

(2016) Clin Cancer Res Treat 22(24):6153-6163. PMID: 27384421

Conditionally reprogrammed normal and primary tumor prostate epithelial cells: a novel patient-derived cell model for studies of human prostate cancer

Timofeeva OA, Palechor-Ceron N, Li G, Yuan H, Krawczyk E, Zhong X, Liu G, Upadhyay G, Dakic A, Yu S, Fang S, Choudhury S, Zhang X, Ju A, Lee MS, Dan HC, Ji Y, Hou Y, Zheng YL, Albanese C, Rhim J, Schlegel R, Dritschilo A, Liu X

(2016) Oncotarget 10.18632/oncotarget.13937. PMID: 28009986

Conditional reprogramming and long-term expansion of normal and tumor cells from human biospecimens

Liu X, Krawczyk E, Suprynowicz FA, Palechor-Ceron N, Yuan H, Dakic A, Simic V, Zheng YL, Sripadhan P, Chen C, Lu J, Hou TW, Choudhury S, Kallakury B, Tang D, Darling T, Thangapazham R, Timofeeva O, Dritschilo A, Randell SH, Albanese C, Agarwal S, Schlegel R.

(2017) Nat Protoc 12(2):439-451. PMID: 28125105