Technology Access Programs

Technology Access Programs

Client-Sponsored Research

Propagenix has an active roster of collaborative programs with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who wish to pilot or expand deployment of CR technology in their discovery programs. Client-sponsored research projects include generation of more representative and patient-specific cancer models, new in vitro models for drug delivery and absorption, and improved models for airway disease biology. Propagenix works with client companies in a milestone-based, shared risk structure, which involves regular communications with the client. The ownership of data and deliverables, a technology transfer plan, and the ability to practice our technology together with the specific deliverables is built into the collaboration agreement. We encourage potential clients to contact Propagenix using the "Contact Us" link to initiate a project request.


Propagenix entertains licensing requests from biotechnology and pharma companies to utilize CR technology and products for their internal research activities. Diagnostics firms and contract research organizations wishing to use CR technology for commercial purposes are also welcome to approach us for licensing opportunities. In addition, Propagenix is open to cross-licensing relationships where partnerships offer synergistic technology combinations for defined fields of research activity.

Early Access Partners

For academic and non-profit research groups, Propagenix can provide the foundational research tools to practice CR technology, at a market-appropriate price. We seek partnerships with basic research groups who will share research results so that all parties can use new understandings and applications related to this emerging technology. Propagenix appreciates the need for confidentiality ahead of publication, and will work with partners to ensure timely release of research results.