Cell Therapy Initiatives

Cell Therapy Initiatives

Propagenix is currently advancing a focused set of cell therapy programs geared to disease areas of high medical need. Our pipeline of preclinical-stage programs include:

Using Propagenix technologies, human basal epithelial progenitor cells can be massively expanded and differentiated to form stratified, functional tissue of skin (above) and airway (below).

  • Autologous Skin Engraftment

    where patients require large and successive skin grafts, such as for major burns. Epix™ expansion of primary human keratinocytes can generate large numbers of cells that maintain both their genetic integrity and their differentiative functionality. Epix™-based provision of autologous keratinocytes could obviate the painful process of harvesting skin sections from burn patients as a source of graft material.

  • Airway Injury and Respiratory Diseases

    where replenishment of polarized airway epithelial cells along respiratory tissues could mitigate the disease state. Our technology has been shown to be highly useful in the expansion of bronchial airway cells and their return to a fully functional phenotype. Data from 3D culture systems using expanded airway cells (see video below) indicate the potential for providing cells with full differentiative capacity for use in airway implants.

  • Diabetes

    where islet cell depletion and/or dysfunction is a major dilemma. Propagenix is using its cell expansion technology to create engineered mixed cell system to support improved islet transplantation.

CR-Expanded airway cells, in 3d "bronchospheres"