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Propagenix has developed a novel serum-free and feeder-free culture medium (EpiX™ medium, covered under US Patent Application No. 15/296,831 and 15/296,960, PCT Application US2016/025396, and additional national phase filings in other jurisdictions) that allows for greater than 1012-fold expansion of several types of primary epithelial cells without using viral or oncogenic factors. EpiX expanded primary epithelial cells maintain normal chromosome karyotype after more than 40 population doublings (i.e., over a trillion-fold expansion). In addition, EpiX expanded primary epithelial cells can differentiate into tissue structures resembling their original epithelial origin upon exiting the proliferation conditions. Second-generation chemically defined versions of EpiX medium now provide Propagenix unique manufacturing- and regulatory-friendly solutions, enabling generation of sufficient biomass needed for cell replacement therapy for various diseases affecting epithelial tissues.