CRM Medium



CRM Medium




CRM Medium contains Fetal Bovine Serum, Y-27632 ROCK Inhibitor, Insulin, Hydrocortisone, and Epidermal Growth Factor required to support epithelial cell growth. Medium does not contain antibiotics or Cholera toxin. Cholera toxin must be supplemented prior to use.

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 Unit of Measure

 250mL bottle

 Storage Conditions

Store medium at -20°C until needed

Thaw Conditions

Thaw at 2-8°C and continue to store at 2-8°C


Once thawed, use within one month

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Conditional Reprogramming (CR) technology is a revolutionary new approach to generating unprecedented quantities of biologically important cell types ex vivo that retain the ability to re-adopt the relevant functionality of the tissues from which the cells originated.

When mature epithelial cells are introduced into CR culture conditions, they adopt a tissue-specific progenitor phenotype and become proliferative. Primary epithelial cells from airway tissues, retina, prostate, breast, intestine, pancreas, liver biliary duct and other tissues have all proven to be induced to replicate for extended periods under CR conditions. On removal from the CR culture conditions, these cells re-adopt their original differentiation state, hence the conditional nature of the process. No genetic modification is involved in the switch between the replicative and differentiated phenotypes, and no complex re-differentiation strategy is required for the cells to return to their normal functional phenotype. The technology has also been employed successfully to propagate cells from primary tumors, metastatic tumors and patient-derived xenografts.product2 2


A: Propagation of four tissue types using CR technology. Day 5 of culture shows large and distinct colonies of epithelial cells surrounded by irradiated feeder cells. B: Continued passaging of prostate and mammary cells in CR technology highlighting expansion potential of culture compared to respective cell type commercially available mediums.

Liu X et al. (2012). ROCK Inhibitor and Feeder Cells Induce the Conditional Reprogramming of Epithelial cells. Am J Pathol. 180(2):599-607

Product Insert & Protocols

CRM Medium Product Insert

Epithelial Co-Culture Protocol


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