Propagenix develops innovative new technologies that address unmet needs in epithelial cell biology—for applications in life science research as well as in precision diagnostics, and next generation therapeutics such as immune-oncology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. 

Propagenix has developed technologies that support massive expansion of adult stem cells found in many epithelial tissues such as airway, skin and ocular tissues. These technologies are transforming the paradigm of in vitro cell and tissue models. Read More

The motivation for our focus on epithelial cell biology derives from the critical role these cells play in maintaining health and in their importance in disease pathobiology. Some types of epithelial tissues contain tissue-specific, lineage-committed stem cells whose functions are 1) to replenish progenitor cells types required to replace cells lost during normal tissue turnover, remodeling, and repair, and 2) to replace themselves, in order to maintain a continuous supply of tissue-resident stem cells for future use.


Propagenix technologies harness the properties of these naturally-occurring adult stem cells 

Both Propagenix cell growth technologies share particular attributes:

Picture 2 bottom section expansion potential

  • The support rapid proliferation of tissue-resident adult stem cells in vitro under growth-promoting conditions
  • They do not require genetic elements such as reprogramming factors to be introduced into the cells, unlike iPSCs
  • They preserve genomic integrity and epigenetic signatures of the cells even after having undergone >50 population doublings-enough to create gatrillions of cells
  • Upon removal from CR or EpiX culture growth and expansion conditions, they readily differentiate, resuming their mature tissue phenotypes

While both technologies have a generic, platform utility for cell expansion, they do differ in their ability to support growth of certain cell types.